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Success in Châteauroux, France

Published:2011-06-10 Published by:keypark

November 4th, 2010, President Hu Jintao visited France. In Paris, the two leaders of China and France agreed to further advance Sino-French comprehensive strategic partnership and released joint statement for further strengthening comprehensive strategic partnership between People’s Republic of China and Republic of France. November 5th, several contracts of economy and trade were signed under the witness of Chen Deming, Chinese Minister of Commerce and Christine Lagarde, French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry.

April 21st, 2011, the development fund for Sino-French Chateauroux Project was launched in the Great Hall of the People by Zheng Wantong, Vice Chairman of National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. As provincial capital of Indre Province and important cities under Central District’s administrations, Chateauroux is well-known for its excellent living environment, ranking among the top cities for residence in France: perfect security, clean streets and kind residents with hospitality. Sino-French Economic & Trade Cooperation Zone (SFDEC in short) is only 220km away from Paris. The Central District where it locates has always been the cultural and educational center of France with nearly 60,000 college students and over 200 research institutions, which could provide technical and HR support to the zone and the whole France.

SFDEC will make the best of resources of both countries with optimal collocation, and establish platforms in multiple sectors, including: platform for talent training, platform for R & D and technical communication, platform for brand optimization and cooperation, platform for product expos and trades, platform for logistics and distribution, platform for administrations, property management and living.

In perspective of economic growth promotion, European market is the wealthiest worldwide, which takes the lead in many economic sectors. For Sino-French Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, French Government and EU can provide a great number of preferential policies which could protect Chinese enterprises from harm by trade barriers and anti-dumping policies and promote their successful entrance into European market; in other words, Chateauroux and France can be viewed as the gateway and SFDEC will be a creative, innovative and competitive platform.


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